Riding and Writing Across the Continent

On July 5 2013, I set off from Oakland, CA, to ride and write across North America. I hope to find myself on unexpected adventures with new friends; I imagine that I will discover new ways of seeing the world and the people I share it with; I know that I will come back with notebooks full of writings, wacky tan lines, and crazy strong quads. 



I'm carrying a tiny little a magical box with me, called a SPOT Tracker. It's a simple GPS unit that sends a signal back to all of you, to let you know where I am...and that I'm safe and sound. I have named my SPOT Saint Christopher, for the patron saint of travel. Click here to see where I am...right now.



Bike Odyssey is structured a bit like a scavenger hunt. During my Indiegogo campaign I collected over 60 commissions for poetry and serenades; get in touch via the contact tab if you'd still like to commission a place poem or send a song! Donations gratefully accepted. There are three ways to get involved:

Bicycle Post (must post before June 13!)

If you have friends or family along my route, write them a letter and hire me to hand-deliver it! Check out the route plan to see if you may want to post a letter...

 Send a Song.

Do you have a friend or loved one along my route? Hire me to learn a song of your choice and serenade your dearie.

 Place Poems.

Is there a place along my route that you love? Or are just curious about?   Commission me to go to that place, write a poem about it, and mail it to you. 



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